Invincible is Sort of like Kindling

InvincibleIt wasn’t that long ago that someone first mentioned to me the comic title Invincible. If I recall correctly, It was maybe 2 to 3 years ago. During that time I was pretty much in and out of comic reading hibernation, and it wasn’t till just a few months ago that I finally got around to this amazing book. I don’t think I have ever been hooked like I am with Invincible.

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Before and After: Man of Steel

MoSPosterWelcome to the very first edition of Before and After. The premise is simple… I’ll take a look at some of the biggest films, television shows, comics, music, and books available. I’ll give you my take from before I dive in to them, and my thoughts about them once I’m through.

With Man of Steel opening this weekend, I figured that there is no better subject for the first edition. So lets get on with it…

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High Five/Low Five: Squadron Supreme (1985) – Marvel Omnibus Edition



Welcome to the inaugural edition of High Five/Low Five, where I (your Friend and Humble Narrator) will put together a mini-review of a film, television show or comic book that may have not been on your radar. The five best & worst aspects will be highlighted, as well as a final verdict where I will either recommend the piece with high praise, or just tell you to move along. read more