Staying Hungry

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With the podcast starting to become a bit more routine and comfortable, I made the only logical choice as a next step in my creative experiment… Completely changing my podcasting setup.

It’s true that sometimes being comfortable is a bad thing, but if you have listened to any of my podcasts then you know that I am far from comfortable. However, recording and publishing the show has started to become a bit easier, as I have stumbled on to a system that seems to be working ok. Then why change it all so soon, you ask? Well at the very core of my podcast is the idea that I wanted to get moving on my creative side. A part of me that has been neglected a bit in the last few years. Life is complex and we don’t always have time for all that we want. As I have been working through the concepts for the site and the show, I have found that I really don’t know exactly what the final product will look like, or more importantly if their will ever be a “final” product. It might just end up being an ever changing sounding board for expression. Nevertheless, one thing that I can focus on and that I have a definite idea about is the sound and production quality of the show. For this reason, I have made a few changes and have started to “refit” my “studio”. I did a piece a little while ago about the technical set up of the podcast. If you haven’t read it yet, then check it out here.

Moving forward I am going to be adding room for additional hosts, and upping my mixer game. I am also making the full switch to Audacity for recording and editing, and throwing Levelator in to the mix as well. It should end up making for a more natural sounding podcast, and hopefully end my issues with volume levels.

As with any changes there will be a learning curve, but learning, after all, is one of the main reasons I started this project in the first place.

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