State of the Faucet 2016 (Fall Revision)

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GFDecalWoodSo, what have I been up to? To answer that I need to tell you a story. In January of 2014 I went thru a life altering experience. About 6 months prior my employer told me they were eliminating my position, and that I had the next few months to find a new position or take a severance package and be laid off. I am now able to say almost two and a half years later. I may have made the wrong choice.




I am going to flesh out some of the last 2 years in this post, but stick with me and I promise I’ll get to current affairs.

Back to the choice. I spent the first couple of months playing it cool. I figured that the right opportunity would come along. As the final month neared I made a decision to look only at jobs that would be a step up. Basically, I decided that I would not accept a lateral or backward move just to stay with the company.  Mind you I was with this company for 13 years.  Only one opportunity came along that was a real possibility, but as I type this now I can very clearly remember my mindset at that time. I was bitter about the position I held being eliminated. I played it cool because thats what my peers needed. I am not to modest to admit that a good deal of them looked to me for help and support. I was never more complimented and appreciated then I was in that job, or at least I felt that way. I didn’t get the promotion, and to be honest I don’t think I truly wanted it. Bitterness is a nasty bitch. I walked out on my last day feeling nothing, though I was given a very nice farewell by my co workers. Just a few months later I fell into the darkest of places. I am very luck to have a wonderfully supportive family and the very best group of friends, but I will not deny that I felt very isolated and insecure.

Fast forward another couple of months and I was back behind a desk and working again. I would love to tell you about how wonderful that was. Two years of 50+ hour work weeks while managing two children has left me feeling like “wonderful” is a moving target. I’m sparing you from the details of these two years.

That brings us to June 2016. After giving a fair amount of notice I left the 50 hour work weeks behind. I learned a whole hell of a lot during that two years. I will certainly remember parts of it fondly. However, a new challenge awaits me. The hardest job I will ever do, and easily the most rewarding. I am going to make “wonderful” a daily reality for my two children. My early child hood is a blur. I want so much more for my kids, and I am going to make sure they get it.

So, where does that leave the state of the faucet? Well, I am going to need to clarify a few things first.

  • The GeekyFaucet “project” is alive and well, but will take the form of my personal Blog.
  • The podcast just didn’t come together the way I wanted.  This is due to my lack of getting a regular schedule down, and my being subject to some major life changes over the last two years.
  • Over the last few months I have been a repeat guest host on the Comics Podcast of the Damned. As of October of 2016 I have accepted a spot on the show as a regular co-host. (During the Summer of 2017 I left the show as a regular)

I am extremely exited to be joining the Comics Podcast of the Damned.  Jim, Ken, and Mike have been very gracious and have been a blast to record with.  I am sorry to see Ken step away for now, but will try my hardest to step in and do the show proud. (I’d like to believe I did a decent job, however I left the show for personal reasons mid 2017)

I am still offering a sincere apology to Rachel Pandich. You recorded an episode with me a while back and I was so inundated with work that it just vanished in to thin air. You took the time to be on my show and I dropped the ball. For that I owe you an apology. Also, my sincerest condolences to you and your family during what must be an impossibly hard time.

Ok, well that about sums it up. I am going to save my opining for the regular posts/columns.

Till next time…

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