One Down…

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My only goal when starting GeekyFaucet was to have a somewhat steady stream of content for the site. After all, what good is a creative outlet if you don’t use it? My focus as of late, though, has been given to our recently launched podcast.

With the first podcast in the books, and the second on the way, I’ve been putting a lot of time in on this aspect of the site. So for the second installment of A Creative Catastrophe, I feel like the podcast is the perfect topic. As I’ve worked thru most of the issues surrounding the audio quality, what remains is the the core job of putting together solid content for the show. Luckily I am not alone in this. The team here has been very helpful, and we have a lot of good ideas for the direction of the show. With each episode we will be refining the format, and eventually I’ll be able to crank them out with ease. One things for sure, I’m having a blast right now. The Podcast may still be a hunk of clay, but when we’re done it will be a slightly nicer looking hunk of clay. If we’re lucky, one day it may even see the kiln. As long as we can continue to deliver a semi entertaining podcast and can continue to have fun doing it, then I’m committed to seeing it through.

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