High Five/Low Five: Arrow: Season 1 (2012)

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20140806-111630-40590662.jpgOver the weekend I got the itch to re-watch the pilot episode of the popular WB series “Arrow”.  As a fan of the show, I have maintained that the first season is near flawless.  It stands as one of the best examples of an episodic approach at live action comic book hero story telling.  In this edition of the High Five/Low Five I’ll look at the what made the first season great, and what I could have gone without.


The High Five

1 The list – they manage to pull off a great balance of the villain of the week and the overarching season storyline.

2 My name is Oliver Queen – I’ve loved this intro from the very beginning. Come to think of it I also loved the cold way Oliver says “you have failed this city.”

3 Malcom Merlin – John Barrowman is awesome, and Malcom is a great season long “Big Bad”

4 Flashbacks – The interweaving of the flashbacks is done superbly. Pretty much all that needs to be said.

5 The Undertaking – The climax of the season was pretty solid, and I feel like the creators held up their end of the bargain.



The Low Five

1 Will the real Oliver please stand up – From playboy to scarred castaway, sometimes it’s hard to tell if Oliver’s demeanor is an act or the character as were supposed to see him.

2 Oliver’s Relationship Carousel – this is the WB after all, but Oliver gets around.

3 Speedy’s so angry – Thea Queen is all to happy to be the loving sister and the angry rebel all the time. She gets annoying.

4 Detective Lance – At first I really didn’t like his character, its a a bit “cut and paste”, but in the long run he did grow on me.

5 Laurels Forgiveness – Can we just assume that if your boyfriend cheats on you with your sister and she dies during said affair that you probably aren’t going to make up after a week or two.


The Verdict –

This show is on the CW after all.  If I’ve learned anything from Smallville, its that the WB/CW is all about soaping up their dramas.  Even so, the first season of Arrow is damn near perfect comic fan fodder, and an all around entertaining offering.

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