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I’m pretty enamored with novelty food items. I gave up all fast food and soft drinks a few years ago due to health reasons, but lately I’ve been diving back in to the fray with crazy things like the Whopperito, and long time fan favorites like the returning Ecto Cooler. So when I heard that Wawa was putting out some Mac and Cheese Mash Up specialty items, I was definitely on board.

Let me preface the meat of this post with the disclaimer that I am not eating these just for the sake of reviewing them. I’ll leave that up to the guys at Trylons. I am giving them a shot based on my curiosity and fascination with gimmicky grub. However, the premise of a food related column intrigues me.


If you’ve never had Wawa before than… I’m sorry. They might be the most consistent quality Convenient store style food stop in the US. Seeing as this menu gimmick is centered around Mac and Cheese, I will tell you that their Mac and Cheese is pretty darn good. I have long been a fan of the Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Bowl, custom ordering it long before it was a menu item.

As for my Wawa Mac and Cheese creation I went for the Ham and Pickle Panini. I took it “as is” with no customization, mainly because I love Ham, I love Pickles, and I love Mac and Cheese. I gave Mustard a consideration, but ultimately choose against it.

First thing I noticed is that they loaded this thing up with Ham. The Ham is tasty with a subtle saltiness that ended up complimenting the Mac and Cheese quite well. My sandwich extraordinaire then dolloped a heap of Mac and Cheese on to the Ham, and finished it with a healthy handful of pickles before completing the construction of my masterpiece. If you’re not a fan of pickles than I would suggest staying away from this particular sandwich. However the Pickles add a nice crisp crunch to compliment the silkier nature of the Mac and Cheese. The flavors all worked well together, and overall I would say that if I happened to be at a Wawa and was craving some Mac and Cheese I would definitely order this one again.

They also have a Cheese Steak with Mac and Cheese on the menu, but this would be much better as a Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak / Mac and Cheese Mash Up. I am however a bit swayed here because a traditional Cheese steak with Mac and Cheese has already been perfected by I Don’t Give a Fork food truck. The owner is awesome, and the food is good. What else can you ask for out of a food truck. It mainly hangs around the Delaware area, but is worth the trip if you’re a foodie and in the Greater Philadelphia Metro area.

I might have to do a piece on the Philly area Food trucks. Maybe my top 10 Favorites?

All things considered, if you like Mac and Cheese and you’re in range of a Wawa than stop by and pick up a Mac and Cheese Mash Up. You (probably) won’t regret it.


I wanna send a shout out to the classy ladies at Mouthy Broadcast for tipping me off to the new Wawa menu items.  I must have living in a cave these last few weeks to have missed them. (The sandwiches that is)

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