Comic Review: The Red Ten

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On Free Comic Book Day this year I picked up The Red Ten #0 on a whim. What I found, along with a great mystery, was a entry point to a whole new world of comic books.

The Red Ten is published by ComixTribe, an independent publisher (A bit more on them later). The Red Ten follows a team of super heroes, called The The Alliance, as they investigate the death of one of their own. In this case, that hero is the world’s greatest detective, and obvious Batman homage, Red. The author makes it clear that this book is his chance to kill the Justice League, and that the Alliance is his tribute to them. This feels eerily similar to the tactic used in Invincible a few years ago. It should be said that the author does a great job of using the archetypes, without them coming across as recycled. He presents them in a way that let you understand their roles and move quickly into the story. The homage to the JLA aside, the real meat and potatoes here is the re-imagining of Agatha Christie’s classic tale And Then There Were None. This book aims to explore the mysterious deaths of The Alliance as they are slowly killed off by an unknown force. This is we’re this book has captured my attention.

Thru issue #3, I am very engaged in the story, told by Tyler James, in a way that has me needing to see how this all plays out. So far, the character deaths have drawn me in as opposed to leaving me feeling disconnected. If you can still find the first three issues at your local comic book shop, than I whole heartedly suggest you pick them up an give them a try as Issue #4 is just a couple weeks away from release. If you cant find them then don’t let that stop you. ComixTribe’s website has a bunch of their books available for direct order.

Speaking of ComixTribe, I suggest you check them out and pick up a few of their titles. They have a very clear mission in the comic world and have at least two titles that I have found to be extremely well done, those being the aforementioned The Red Ten, and The Standard. The latter follows the return of an original Superhero after the death of his once sidekick turned replacement. It’s a cool look at the role a hero plays in an ever changing world.

Don’t forget to recommend comics to your friends. Next to a purchase, good word of mouth is the best way to reward your favorite comic writers and artists.

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