Comic Review: Supergirl Being Super

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I think mini series are a great delivery system for comic creators and artists. Some of my favorite reads have been books utilizing the 4-6 issue format. There is something fulfilling about a story with a definitive beginning and ending.  In the case of Supergirl: Being Super, the definitive ending is all about the beginning.

Supergirl: Being Super  (Issues # 1-4)

Writen by: Mariko Tamaki

Drawn by: Joëlle Jones

(Sandu Florea – inks, Kelly Fitzpatrick – colors)

Art – 10/10

I openly admit that I purchased this book based on one name: Joëlle Jones. I was unfamiliar with Mariko Tamaki’s previous work, but was willing to give it a go based on the art alone. (I’ll be keeping my eyes out for Tamaki’s work from now on though) I have been in love with Joëlle Jones’ work since I first laid eyes on the cover to Lady Killer Vol.1 Issue 1. Her style resonates with me on so many levels. If I had to try narrow it down to my favorite aspect I would say it’s the line work in her faces. Mainly the eye and mouth area. It’s simply top notch work with top notch inks as well.

She also handles the body positioning and anatomy extremely well in this book. There are plenty of examples of her bringing feeling to the characters with her art, and she successfully distinguishes each character with unique body and facial features delivering a truly individual character model.

Writing / Story – 8/10

The story is well written throughout. Tamaki has a good grip on the internal and external dialog, and seems to get her point across cleanly. I enjoyed the use of SMS text bubbles as well. I have always enjoyed the use of alternative conversation methods when it’s done right and it doesn’t over-saturate the narrative. There are, in my opinion, some pacing issues in books #3 and #4. The discovery of Tan-On, and the hidden lab, shift things from 1st gear to 4th without giving enough exposition. However, it’s not so drastic as to be a detriment to the book as a whole. The story wraps up nicely albeit a little quicker than I was expecting.

Concept delivery- 7/10

It’s nice to get a clean and tidy origin type story for a character like Kara Danvers. I think book hit the mark on giving the reader a look in to a formative time in Kara’s life. I feel, however, that this could have easily been lifted out of an episode of Smallville. It has nuances that reek of the CW. I don’t want to be over critical here. The book delivered. I just think it could have been a little more clever at times.

Overall – 8.5/10

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Sometimes we need a look back into what it feels like to be confused and unsure. The teenage years are chock full of that sentiment, and I enjoyed the walk through Kara’s awakening. This book brings solid story telling by Tamaki and dresses it up very nicely in Joëlle Jones’ art. In my opinion it’s an excellent buy for anyone who enjoys the “Supes” titles, young adult readers, or comic book enthusiasts in general.

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