Comic Review: Supergirl Being Super

I think mini series are a great delivery system for comic creators and artists. Some of my favorite reads have been books utilizing the 4-6 issue format. There is something fulfilling about a story with a definitive beginning and ending.  In the case of Supergirl: Being Super, the definitive ending is all about the beginning.

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State of the Faucet 2016 (Fall Revision)

GFDecalWoodSo, what have I been up to? To answer that I need to tell you a story. In January of 2014 I went thru a life altering experience. About 6 months prior my employer told me they were eliminating my position, and that I had the next few months to find a new position or take a severance package and be laid off. I am now able to say almost two and a half years later. I may have made the wrong choice.




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Gimmick Grub

I’m pretty enamored with novelty food items. I gave up all fast food and soft drinks a few years ago due to health reasons, but lately I’ve been diving back in to the fray with crazy things like the Whopperito, and long time fan favorites like the returning Ecto Cooler. So when I heard that Wawa was putting out some Mac and Cheese Mash Up specialty items, I was definitely on board.

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It’s Been Long Enough

AvatarJoe.jpgI’ve always thought of myself as a competent writer. Yet when the fingers start to move across the keys it’s not exactly like riding a bike. So with that in mind I’m throwing on the training wheels and giving it a go. The point, after all, is to turn the handle and let it flow. In this edition of the Creative Catastrophe, the Geeky Faucet is draining out the rusty water and I’m going to keep going till it runs clear.

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Hauntingly Beautiful

This is a few weeks old, but I thought it was still worth posting. Despite the fact that I didn’t really like the mime (though I understand the ASL aspect impressed some) I was completely amazed by this performance of Chandelier on SNL. I am not all that familiar with Sia, nevertheless I was completely taken by the pure emotion in her voice.  I was kinda sad to find out the album version of this song is not as soulful.  I’ve also watched a few performances of this song since and found that like the original they are a little less intimate.  Seems like Sia has a knack for letting the performers shine while she takes a back seat.  However in this SNL performance she hit the nail on the head and gives us a hauntingly beautiful version of her hit.  Do yourself a favor and watch it. You won’t regret it.

Sia on SNL


Timey Wimey

AvatarJoe.jpgIt’s been a tough transition to 50 to 60 hour work weeks. I have had little time to dedicate to the GeekyFaucet project, and the little time I have had I’ve used to share with my family and friends. As I sit here now, I have a half edited podcast and a half baked blog post, and sadly no idea when I’ll get either of them done.

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High Five/Low Five: Arrow: Season 1 (2012)

20140806-111630-40590662.jpgOver the weekend I got the itch to re-watch the pilot episode of the popular WB series “Arrow”.  As a fan of the show, I have maintained that the first season is near flawless.  It stands as one of the best examples of an episodic approach at live action comic book hero story telling.  In this edition of the High Five/Low Five I’ll look at the what made the first season great, and what I could have gone without.

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