Joe / The Geeky Faucet


It sounds clichéd, but really I’m just your average Joe. I grew up in the North Eastern Corridor, and I wouldn’t exchange my upbringing for any other. I truly believe that the interactions and relationships I have experienced are everything.

As a husband and father, the only thing I truly aspire to be is the best husband and father I can be for my amazing family. I’ve got a great group of supportive people in my life, and they have all heard me become a geeky faucet on many occasions.

I created GeekyFaucet.com in an attempt to get the creative part of my mind flowing. When you’re thirsty you turn the handle on the faucet and take what you need. When I’m in need of a creative outlet, I can sit down, log in, and turn the handle. What pours out is as much for me as it is for you.

I think there will be a little something for everyone here at GeekyFaucet.com. I’m lucky to have a really talented group of friends, and from time to time they may stop by and offer something extra for the readers. A few of the things you can expect to find, along with a few recurring Columns, are reviews of Films, TV shows, Comics, Music, and Techie stuff I’m into. Occasionally, you’ll be treated to some totally random nonsense.

If you like, follow me on twitter @geekyfaucet.

From October 2016 thru July 2017 I was a a part of the Comics Podcast of the Damned as a Co-host/Show regular.

You can find the show on twitter @ComicsPodDamned.