2013… Hardly Catastrophic

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This past year while endeavoring to create The Geeky Faucet Podcast, I met some really great people.  I want to take a second, or two, to acknowledge them and recognize the work they do. 

  • When Nerds Collide – Dan and Tom have been very inviting.  They have had me on their podcast twice, and really helped me “break the ice” with the podcasting world. I wonder if Dan actually realizes how great of a host he is.  Though Tom has been ducking coming on my show, I have to give him props as well.  I don’t know if there is a better compliment to Dan than he.  Oh by the way Dan, in case you forgot, it’s Buddy Hackett.
  • Heroes and Villains w/ Bruce Leslie – Bruce is a consummate professional.  I admire greatly the way he has constructed his show and how smoothly he pulls it off.  He gets great sound out of that Laundry Room, and I look forward to having him on my show soon.
  • Matt Quiett / Nerds Domain – My familiarity with the Nerds Domain is growing.  Matt reached out and has been a catalyst for starting the Omega Nerds Network.  Networking my show with others is a thought I have had since the beginning, but I always thought it would happen way down the road.  I look forward to working directly with him and the other founding members of the Omega Nerds Network towards making “ONN” a great entertainment resource.

I am very thankful for the regulars here at GeekyFaucet.com and I would not have made it to a 10th episode without them.  I truly believe in group work, and I look forward to many fruitful collaborations with them in the future.  Steve, Mike, and Madison have helped immensely in putting together show ideas, and have also helped me find a structure that works. 2013 even saw the debut post of music guru DJ Huxtable. Thanks to each of them for their time. I am still shaping the show weekly, but you can expect to hear these guys plenty often.   In the new year I hope to increase the frequency of new posts and podcasts on the site. I also hope to be wrapping episode 50 or 60 by years end.

Lastly, a hearty “Thank You” to all the other people that have contributed in someway or another to the successes and failures that I have encountered in this project and in all the projects that life has thrown my way this past year.

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