Episode 022: Music Musings

Episode 022b GraphicThis week on the show guest Daniel Ritchie from When Nerds Collide joins me to discuss Music.  We start out talking about movies in film, but in true Geeky Faucet fashion, the conversation jumps all over the place.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Episode 020: Ramblings

Episode 020b GraphicShow Regular Mike joins me to catch up a bit, and discuss our thoughts on the summers movies and the current state of TV.  We mostly ramble through topics for a bit, and talk about what we’ve been up to.

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Before and After: The Winter Soldier

Courtesy of AncoraDesign / Tyler Wetta

Courtesy of AncoraDesign / Tyler Wetta

I usually go on and on about how sequels are inferior to their predecessors.  Rarely does a film prove me wrong.  This spring I am hopeful, however.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier has a solid chance of being that film.

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Episode 018: Steve Returns

Episode 018b GraphicSteve makes his triumphant return to the show.  We talk about whats been goin on, and also talk about making comic con plans.  The conversation takes a serious turn when Steve asks me to revisit Man of Steel.

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TMNT: The Secret of the Trailer

The much anticipated trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is out, and I was surprised at how good it looks.

I’ll admit it feels a bit Transformers-ish.  However, considering how much I was anticipating this looking horrible, I am willing to admit that I may have jumped the gun on declaring this a dud.  I am eager to see a little more, and I have changed my tune.  Well done, Platinum Dunes, well done.